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Dog treats are nothing new, but I love those made by small companies that keep an eye on simple, healthy recipes.

I came across one such company recently, The Sophisticated Palate run by Lisa Diane in Atlanta, GA (https://www.thesophisticatedpalateatl.com/). She’s pictured below with two of her three daughters.

With the help of those young women, she makes (gluten-free) Biscottini Bites for people, which are a smaller version of the twice-baked Italian cookies meant to be dipped in sweet red wine, like a Marsala or Vin Santo. I never would have believed that combination would be delicious until I tried it in Italy. Mmmm!

She also makes a dog-friendly version called Bark-ottini Bites (3 oz. for $4). If you’ve got a special dog in your life, time to order! She said they have lots of dogs in her family, which presumably served as the inspiration for the treats.

You can find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lisadiane1965/.

Do you know of other creative small businesses that make dog treats? If you want a little extra reading, here’s an article on Woof Whiskers (“Woof Wiskers!”) titled 6 Trending Natural Dog Treat Companies to Watch in 2021


And P.S., if you’re in the Atlanta area, Lisa Diane owns a mobile Paint & Sip unit she drives to customers who want to host a fun party of painting (or planting succulents!), eating and imbibing.


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